In this article, we will show you how you can change to English dub version of anime on Hulu. Now, not every series has the dubbed episodes available so just to check to make sure, what you do is just go to the anime that you want to watch you can see here we are currently on bleach. And then, on your remote click the Settings option or the details option as you can see in the bottom right-hand corner it says details and then the three horizontal lines we have a button on my remote that has three horizontal lines so that’s what I’m going to click we are assuming, if you have a different device or a different remote, it will coincide with what that particular button looks like on your remote but I’m going to go and click that to get the details of the episode and then we are going to go down.

And then down again and as you can see it has these in the episode and then it says dub, next to the anime, you can go down and click the sub-option for that episode or course you can click the dub option now if there is no dub for the episode that you want to watch, then there will be no dub in parentheses, under that particular episode once you get into details of the show so we hope this article was helpful and again guys, not every single anime that is on Hulu has a dubbed episode option, more often they’re going to have subs for every single episode but it’s going to be more on a case basis, whether it is dubbed into English.

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