In this, you will learn how to change your Hulu plans or Hulu subscription now it’s relatively easy and you have a lot of different options to change that plan so put a and then find the little menu, click on that and then click Login.

Then, of course, go ahead and type in your Hulu email and password and then click Login. And then once you’re logged in to your Hulu account find where it has your account name and go to that and then in the menu under your account, go ahead and click on where it says account.

And then to change your Hulu plan. Once you’re on the manage your account page scroll down to the bottom and down at the bottom of the page, it should say something like your subscription and you can get add-ons which are going to be premium options, such as HBO Showtime Cinemax and stars so if you want to add any of that just click the little plus sign and then click review changes, it’ll show you what your billing is going to be. And then, officially submit that to make the changes and then you should have those premium options but then I’m going to go ahead back to the previous page, and also under your subscription, it should say manage plan right now I have the Hulu base plan which is 599 a month you click on Manage plan. And then, of course, it’ll give you all of your relevant options which are going to be getting Hulu with no ads which are 1199, a month, or you can get Hulu Plus live TV for 5499 a month, or you can get Hulu, with no ads, plus lab TV for 6099 a month and if you want to get any of those options, just click on the little switch it’ll turn it on and again click review changes, it’ll show you how your billing is going to change and then submitted after that and then it should go through and make any of those changes that you wanted to have to your Hulu account. And then to wrap up this video, of course, you also have the option to pause your subscription if you don’t want to pay for a specific number of weeks you can put that Hulu subscription on pause and then after those number of weeks have gone by then you’ll start getting charged again or you can of course officially cancel your subscription. And you do that by clicking the Cancel button and it walks you through a number of different steps that you have to do to officially cancel it first it’ll ask if you just want to pause, but if you don’t then you click Continue to cancel, you have to give a reason as to why you might be wanting to cancel so let’s just say it’s temporary I’ll be back and then you click Continue to cancel, and then they might give you a promotional offer to get you to continue with your Hulu account but again if you don’t want to do that click Cancel subscription. And that should officially end that Hulu subscription. So those are all the different options that you have to change your Hulu plan or subscription.

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